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Paulette, la terreur du ménage en ski

We’ve always been known for our cheese, our produce, our rich and delicious regional cuisine... But what people might not have known about was Paulette and her collection of 100% authentic antibacterial, degreasing and descaling cleaning products.

Here’s Paulette now, just coming back from one of her walks in the beautiful French countryside! I bet she’s thought up even more tips! If she’s in a bad mood, the dirt and grime better watch out! Let’s follow her !

Your typical French granny who looks like butter wouldn’t melt, Paulette can’t imagine living anywhere else but Franche-Comté, the region where she was born and bred. So if you want to uncover her secrets and are ready to become dirt’s worst enemy, you’d best head over to her house.

Dessin gants de ménage en plastiques Saut de Paulette la terreur du ménage Balai anti poussière Paulette Eponge de Paulette la terreur du ménage Balai de ménage
Voiture bleue de Paulette vue de haut, la terreur du ménage
La maison de Paulette, la terreur du ménage
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Here we are ! Now, take a seat and grab your mouse, we’re going to show bacteria its marching orders !

Gif oiseau qui bat des ailes Dessin d'un grand arbre
La maison de Paulette, la terreur du ménage 2

Chez la Paulette

Paulette, la terreur du ménage de face Sac de produits ménager

Welcome to my home ! 
Come in, just don’t forget to wipe your feet !

This way, make yourself comfortable. I would offer you a coffee, but, I’ve work to do... Maybe you were expecting me to be more housework-shy than house-proud ?

Absolutely not ! There’s nothing I like more than housework ! Wiping, dusting, getting rid of bacteria and dust mites, polishing, CLEANING... SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB AND BANG! Farewell grease and grime ! 

Canapé rose de Paulette, la terreur du ménage Dessin de table basse grise Dessin de cactus
Visage de Paulette en train de nettoyer
Paulette, la terreur du ménage avec son aspirateur Paulette contente, la terreur du ménage de face
Armoire marron avec des livres

Just look how clean and welcoming my home is, how soothing and relaxing the place feels, the sense of harmony throughout, the... Well, it always make me feel so happy ! You want to know how I do it ? It’s easy, absolutely easy peasy !

Do you want to know what my magical products contain ?

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