" Tips for the lounge "

Discover Paulette’s tips and tricks for the lounge…

Paulette's tips for disinfecting

Great photos !

Are your eyes playing tricks or is there an unidentified object on the photo of Uncle Steve ?

Spray some cotton wool with my cleaning alcohol and clean those unprotected photos.

Dust-free and clean photos !

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Perfectly clean windows with no smears!

So baby has had fun wiping their mouth all over the bay window in your lounge, but there’s no need to stress! Paulette and her Cleaning Alcohol have it all in hand.

Squirt, wipe with a clean cloth and don’t bother telling them off, they’ll only do it again the moment your back is turned anyway.

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Paulette's tips for cleaning

Clean a paper lampshade !

Does your paper lampshade feel as precious and fragile as parchment ?

Pour a small amount of my Multi-purpose Gel with Vinegar into a bowl and add warm water. Soak the softest piece of fabric from your wardrobe in the solution and oh so gently wipe the entire surface of the lampshade. For tougher marks, an eraser will do just the trick !

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Clean those plastic toys !

Drool, mud, hair, all kinds of grime and who knows what else, your children’s toys are regularly covered in the aftermath of your kid’s enthusiastic play.

To wash them, use my Cleaning Alcohol spray and a clean sponge. Just remember to rinse them all thoroughly before handing back to your little monsters !

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Paulette's tips for stains

Remove an unsightly stain from your divine leather sofa !

To remove an unsightly stain from your divine leather sofa use my Black Soap spray squirted onto a clean cloth.

Wipe gently and say ‘thank you Paulette’.

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Dust-free multimedia appliances !

It gets everywhere, in every room, on every surface.

Simply banish every speck by sprinkling bicarbonate of soda onto a damp cloth and wipe, wipe, wipe !

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