" Tips for the laundry room "

Discover Paulette’s tips and tricks for the laundry room…

Paulette's tips for cleaning

Bad weather has turned your plastic garden furniture grey ?

I’ve got just the solution: the ‘diamond enamel’ to make it white again. Clean the plastic furniture using a sponge soaked in my Multi-purpose Gel with Marseille Soap (avoid using the abrasive side of the sponge). Rinse with a hose then wipe down straight after with a towel. Bicarbonate of Soda will make your furniture shine and last longer.

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Paulette's tips for detaching

Nasty sweat stains have set up camp on your husband’s shirts!

Hardly glamourous!  Paulette recommends squirting the stains with her Marseille Soap spray and leaving to act for two hours. Then chop-chop into the machine.

For especially clingy stains, use the same bicarbonate of soda paste recommended for your iron.

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Help ! Your iron has left a black mark on daddy’s crisp white shirt !

Spray my Cleaning Vinegar onto the sole of your iron (make sure it’s cold), leave for 5 minutes then rinse using a sponge. If the marks persist, make a paste with bicarbonate of soda (one part water to three parts bicarb) and apply it to the base of a cold iron using a soft cloth. Use a cotton bud dipped in the paste to clean the holes.

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Paulette's tips for softening laundry

Stiff socks, an age-old mystery !

Paulette has uncovered the secret for softening your laundry. To your washing machine add a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda, and why not a tablespoon of Multi-purpose Gel with Cleaning Vinegar for good measure! Both ingredients will work to soften your laundry wonderfully while the lemon fragrance will bring a lovely fresh scent. Folding socks won’t be a chore again !

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Paulette’s tips for banishing odours

A breeding ground of bacteria and odours !

Make good as new after use in hot water with the addition of my Marseille Soap Gel enriched with Bicarbonate of Soda, peace of mind restored...

One small squeeze is enough.

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