" Tips for the bedroom "

Discover Paulette’s tips and tricks for the bedroom…

Paulette’s tips for banishing odours

When your rug smells bad !

Simply sprinkle bicarbonate of soda over your rug (or carpet), using a brush to help penetrate the fibres, then shake it outside or vacuum it.

An easy way to clean it plus deodorize and disinfect it too.

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Sanitize your cupboards !

It’s a good idea to sanitize your cupboards, or any enclosed space in fact: simply leave a small bowl or sachet of bicarbonate of soda in the back of the cupboard or drawer (any enclosed space exposed to mouldy odours). The space will be more sanitary and deodorized at the same time! Refill the bowl every two months or so.

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Paulette's tips for cleaning

Caution stop. Unidentified object stuck to a window stop.

Take out your Cleaning Vinegar spray stop. Squirt stop. Wipe stop Enemy neutralized stop.

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You’ve inherited some grimy jewellery ?

Wait before you get rid ! Dilute a squeeze of my Black Soap in a Gel in hot water, leave the jewellery to soak for several minutes then rinse. Thanks to Paulette, your silverware and jewellery will be as good as new.

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Help for little bedwetters !

An unpleasant incident for everyone involved, it’s best to deal with it quickly and painlessly. In the event of an overnight accident, sprinkle wet sheets with bicarbonate of soda to banish the odour and neutralize the acidity. Then generously sprinkle any mattress stains with the powder too. The next morning, simply vacuum the mattress. As for your little one, the chances are they’ll be keeping you company in your bed...

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