" Tips for the bathroom "

Discover Paulette’s tips and tricks for the bathroom…

Paulette's tips for making things shine

Make your taps sparkle !

Hit your taps with the laser beam from my super Cleaning Alcohol spray, limescale and dust won’t stand a chance !

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Tiny hands mean dirty tiles !

To degrease and revive wall tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, nothing could be simpler ! Grab my Cleaning Alcohol spray, squirt, wipe, and voilà !

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Paulette’s tips for banishing odours

Unpleasant smells can often be found lurking in the bathroom !

Fill a small bowl with bicarbonate of soda and leave it in the room, the perfect solution for absorbing both odours and moisture.

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Paulette's tips for cleaning

Clean the silicone joints between your tiles !

Not as tough as it sounds, simply arm yourself with my Cleaning Alcohol spray and a sponge !

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Suspicious smears: squirt your mirror with pride !

To degrease and revive wall mirrors in your bathroom, nothing could be simpler !

Grab my Cleaning Alcohol spray, squirt, wipe, and voilà !

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Book overboard !

When your book starts getting exciting, it’s easy to lose your grip. Panic not, bicarbonate of soda will help the pages to dry, but you may have to postpone more reading for a while: sprinkle bicarbonate of soda between the pages, leave to dry then shake the book to remove any powder. Place a heavy weight on the book to get it back to its original shape.
Signs of mould appear ? Simply sprinkle with more powder and leave to dry in the sun. Then finally get back to your page-turner !

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